Jyunka Challenge

14 Sep

I was invited to the Jyunka challenge at the wrong time.

Or so I thought.

It was the time of the month and I was feeling moody, my body was aching, my tummy bloated and my skin, tired, patchy and irritable.

Nonetheless, being a true Gemini, mention the word ‘challenge’ and I am all excited and ready like the bunny powered up on new batteries. I am a gamer and believe in trying everything at least for once in life. I enjoy the adrenaline rush of new challenges, though I did not know what to expect on that evening…  

The event kicked off with a little clip showing the discovery of how E300 Ascorbic acid could have prevented sailors in the 18th century from getting scurvy and followed by a lively presentation to address on our skin concerns. As the jovial and gorgeous pair of mother and son trainers imparted their knowledge and shared with us their beauty experiences, I cruised along and found the answers to my burning questions and learnt some interesting facts along the way.

To summarize it, I have come to realize that:
1) Our skin is water-proof (yes, silly me! I have blunt out oil-proof when being asked!) and that explains why my Vitamin C powder or many of the Vitamin C infused products in the market could not deliver their anticipated result as the active ingredients are being barred by water to penetrate into the inner layer of the skin.
2) Perseverance is necessary. My biggest problem was to ditch the product at lightning speed once I experience even the slightest irritation on my skin but sometimes the eruption could be that the product is working its way repair and clear the skin from within, thus causing the outburst during the initial first two weeks.
3) Peeling is applicable for every skin type. I should have taped that down and played it to my therapist next time she complains that my skin is too thin and dry for peeling and try to sell me her other costly treatments and products.
4) Bare skin looks just as great! How I envied the clear and radiant bare face of the trainer’s and she looks terrific with just a brush of blusher!

Alright, back to the challenge.

After cleansing our face, we started off with the Jyunka Epidermal Peel. While the peel aids to remove dead skin cells and other buildups, it also polishes away the dullness and patchiness of my skin and I certainly love how my face has looked brighter and fresher thereafter.

To nourish our skin, we fed it with a pump of Jyunka Boto Caviar Serum before reaching for the star of this challenge: Jyunka M+Fluid!
In order to allow us to have a visual comparison, we were asked to apply the serum only on one side of our face first and boy, the effect was simply incredible!

The serum has not only defined and lifted the contours of my otherwise haggard and sagging left side of my face, it diminished the puffiness of my eye and ironed out the fine lines around it. Those disturbing orange peel-liked pores have mysteriously become invisible and I was glowing! I was so amazed by the immediate effect that I exclaimed that it is better than Botox! Yes, it sure is and minus the bruises from the injection too. Botox would usually takes a few days to work on me with the result gets better in a month before gradually goes downhill by the sixth.

That night, for the first time after many years of hiding my skin under BB cream day and night, I stepped out of their office beaming with my new found radiance, bare faced!

So, how does Jyunka M+Fluid does that?

Jyunka M+Fluid has patented the Qusome Technology and Vitamin C in the form of L-Ascorbic Acid to protect skin cells from environmental and UV-induced damage. It could effectively target the cause for photo-aging of the skin. Qusomes are multi-layered particles, whose layers are alternately hydrophilic and lipophilic while L-ascorbic acid is a powerful antioxidant and promotes the production of collagen in skin tissues at the same time reducing the harmful effects of hyper-pigmentation.

Besides the immediate results of a lighter and brighter skin tone, pores are refined and fine lines are plumped up at the epidermis level while the facial contour is lifted at the muscular level, leaving skin firmer and more toned. Long term results begin with the basil layer’s increased skin cell production level, followed by the Fibroblast cells increased collagen and elastin production at the dermis level.

For those whose skin is like mine, at its worst state of what I call mid-life skin crisis, don’t take my word for it, you gotta try it to believe it. Miracle does happen!!

Jyunka promises visibly touchable results:
• JYUNKA GLOW! – the skin literally glows from within. Toxins are flushed and the complexion improves.
• Plump up Fine Lines – fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced with the plumping effect of the serum.
• Lift Sagging Skin – sagging skin is visibly lifted and the facial contours are more defined.
• Tighten Pores – good for people with open pores.
• Reduce Dark Eye Circles
• Lighten Pigmentation and Age Spots
INTENSE – 21 days (Day & Night)
AGED-SKIN – 2 to 3 months (Night)
OIL CONTROL – 2 to 3 nights (Weekly)
PIGMENTATION – Spot application (Day & Night)

And for those whose skin is still doing great, optimize it and your skin would be thankful for your regular dose of Vitamin C from Jyunka M+Fluid.

Jyunka M+ Fluid acts as a booster and should be used on clean skin after the toner and before your serum and moisturizer. The product is lightweight and melts into the skin upon application, leaving no greasy after feel.

Jyunka M+ Fluid is priced at SGD$344.00 (inclusive of GST) for 30 ML but from now till end of October 2012, you can purchase a bottle at SGD$268.00 only!





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  1. Christina November 11, 2012 at 9:31 am #

    I want know more the product knowledge before I buy whole set of them. Please send me the contact person details. If you have some workshop to attend, it will be great. Many thanks


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