Skinfactory Ampoule Mask

30 Aug

Mum has moved in with me in the beginning of the year so that I can look after her and help her recuperate from her cancer but the initial period of living together once again was really trying. Like newly weds, there was a lot of adjustments on both parties and in our case, it is a threesome with my hubby involved.

Having lived a totally different lifestyle for the past two decades, our little existence ignored one another. While I don’t understand why she must be such a couch potato, spending all her waking hours lazing either on her bed and slumping on the sofa, she in return, couldn’t stands me spending an hour in the bathroom and then another half in front of the mirror every morning. While I pondered over her habit of spraying her hair so thick and stiff, she in return, complains about my compulsive mask buying habit. At one time, she has even snorted that my indulgence of such sheet facial masks are very un-eco friendly due to their individually plastic packing and backing sheets.

To set the record straight, she wasn’t so against my indulgence until she had tried several of the masks from my beloved cabinet of masks. Unfortunately for her, none of the mask that she had carefully picked from the crop delivered the result as per the readings on their packaging had claimed. Some of the masks were either too sticky or greasy for her liking, some were ill-fitting and the worst one has left her feeling itchy and stinging.

Typically of mum, she was shaking her head disapprovingly that day when I came home with this bright Groupon carrier but before she could begins her round of nagging, I was quick to protest and explain that these masks from Skinfactory are simply different from the rest of the masks that I have in the cabinet. To prove my words, I persuade her to try them out and after much debating, she reluctantly took my challenge and put the Skinfactory E.G.F Liftingtox Ampoule Mask to the test.

While opening up the mask, mum was pleasantly surprised by its high essence content and instantly loves how the cellulose tissue snugs comfy on her face. The mask provides a great moisture boost and she noticed that her face was slightly firmer when she removed the mask 20 minutes later. Her skin felt smooth, hydrated and bouncy, and she was so impressed with the result that she used the leftover essence over her neck!

Mum has also undergone an eye operation to remove her cataract recently and developed dry eyes in the process. The irritation and the constant blinking and rubbing of her eyes took a toll on the skin around her eyes so I suggested her to try the Skinfactory Honey Eye Patch too. This time round, mum merrily took the packet and put on the patch right away as she laze on the couch and enjoys her 7pm drama on TV.

When asked on her comments after using the patch, she immediately gave it a two thumbs up and said that the effect is just as good if not even better than those expensive eye treatments that her beauty therapist tried to hard sell her! Indeed, the efficiency of these soothing patches is fairly visible and we certainly love how it could nourishes the thin skin under the eyes and erases all the signs of fatigue, dark eye circles and puffiness in an instance!

While I am typing away on this post, mum has sheepishly comes into the room and sneaks a pack of the Skinfactory Aqua Skinin Ampoule Mask, “I’ll try this for you in case you want to pen a review.” She said tongue in cheek (:

 For those interested to try the masks (available in 6 variants), do take advantage of the deal at Groupon Singapore before they are gone!


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