Kneipp Warming Massage Oil

20 Aug

Do you usually care to find out what oil is your therapist rubbing onto your skin whatever you go for a massage? i have a pal that does. In fact she would persistently brings along her own bottle of massage oil whenever we visit the spa. Apparently, she feels that no massage oils are created equal and her bottle designated oil would enhance the quality of the massage. As for me so long the therapist’s hands are skillful enough to dissolve stress and relive tension with her kneads and rubs, I am fine with whatever is being slathered onto my skin to create that magic touch until that day my aching body after a sports event spurred me to bring own my own bottle of Kneipp Warming Massage Oil for my treatment.

I was half expecting the therapist would throw me that why-are you-so-troublesome kind of snobbish look when I passed her my bottle but instead, the woman of few words held the bottle up against the dim light of the treatment room for a closer examinations and quirked, “good stuff!” before giving me a thumbs up.

I have almost fallen asleep under the magic healing of the therapist’s hands and the warming sensation of the oil and an hour later, I stepped out of the treatment with my body reenergized, my muscles relaxed and for the first time ever, my skin felt smooth, soft and nourished instead of sticky and greasy after each massage! I like that!

Later while sipping tea, the therapist came over and returned the bottle of Kneipp Warming Massage Oil to me and chatty spa consultant immediately exclaimed, “you know what? I am using this oil every night to relive my tired legs after the long hours of standing in heels.” Of which, my therapist nodded profusely and added that I should use it to lightly massage my legs before  sleep to prevent my frequent leg cramps problem.

Though I was initially a little skeptical and half-hearted, I started applying the oil on my lower legs anyhow before putting on my Ebene Bio-Ray Foot Massage Socks and hit the sack. To my amazement, I have stopped experiencing leg cramps in the middle of the night for the entire week that I have started my act!

Now its my turn to say “good stuff!” and gives it a thumbs up to Kneipp Warming Massage Oil!


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