Mentholatum Lip Gel

13 Jul

Introducing a new series of highly raved lip gels from Mentholatum Lipcare.


Mentholatum Vitamin Lip Gel

Key ingredients and their effects:
1) Vitamin A – To moisturize and maintain smooth lips
2) Vitamin B2 – To prevent dry and chapped lips
3) Vitamin C – To moisturize lips deeply for supple bounciness
4) Vitamin E – To repair chapped lips for youthful looking lips
5) Avocado oil + Jojoba oil – To provide long lasting moisturizing effect

This lip slave is heavily infused with vitamins to moisturize, protect, soothe and keep your lips youth-looking. Personally, I find this lip gel very nourishing for my chapped lip and the scent of menthol is pretty refreshing. 


Mentholatum Hyaluronic Acid Lip Gel

Key ingredients and their effects:
1) Hyaluronic Acid – To lock in moisture and provide long lasting and intensive moisturization to the lips 
2) Panthenol (Vitamin B5) – To effectively moisturizes and prevents chapped dry lips
3) Collagen – To improve lip texture and elasticity

As its name implies, the main ingredient of this lip gel is Hyaluronic Acid. As we all know, Hyaluronic Acid plays an important role in tissue dehydration, cellular function as well as and lubricating our body, and for this instance, I find this moisturize-rich lip gel a worthy buddy in my freezing office. It helps to keep to my lippy deeply hydrated and act as a glossy base for my creamy lipstick.


Mentholatum Q10 Lip Gel

Key ingredients and their effects:
1) CoQ10 – To maintain healthy and youthful looking lips
2) Ceramide – To lock in and provide long lasting moisture while effectively protect against chapped and sensitive lips.
3) Maxi-Lip – To help reduce the appearance of fine lines and keep lips supple.

This one is my ultimate favorite! Not only that it plumps up my thin lips, it is supplemented with Co-Q10 to reduce the appearance of fine lines and takes years off my weathered lips.


Whatever your choice, your lips will be thankful to receive that rich and nourishing care from this New Mentholatum Lip Gel Series. Or if you prefer, why not grab a sample of LipIce Sheer Color here to test out the wonders of Mentholatum?


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