26 May

We all know how vital sunlight is.

Sunlight is the fuel to all life on earth. It is the primary source of energy. And besides giving us light and warmth, our body needs sunlight to produce Vitamin D and organisms needs it to grow.

However, over exposure to the sun can be destructive. Excessive cumulative exposure to UV rays without protection or insufficient protection can be extremely harmful. Besides sunburn, strong UV rays are the main culprits that cause skin aging, wrinkles and dark spots. Over exposure to UV radiations is also the primary cause of skin cancer.

That is why using sun block to protect ourselves against aggression is essential, whether out in the sun or not. But how much protection is adequate? Basically the amount of sunscreen protection is measured by SPF (Sun Protection Factor) index. SPF 1 is equivalent 15mins under the sun before getting burnt, SPF 20 is therefore, 15mins x 20 = 300mins of sun protection and so forth. 

Besides SPF, the number of + of PA (Protection Grade for UVA) should also be taken into consideration when choosing an appropriate sunscreen. PA is an index measuring the effectiveness of a sunscreen against UVA and the number of + indicates how many times the skin is protected against darkening. PA+ is equivalent 2 – 4 times protection against skin darkening, PA++ gives 4 – 8 times of protection and PA+++ would provides 8 times or more protection against skin darkening.

Enough said.

Now, here’s introducing SUNPLAY super block –the No. 1 sunscreen in Japan and winner of  THE WOMEN’S WEEKLY Beauty Buys award 2012.

With the new Solarex-3 technology, this almighty milky liquid offers the highest protection against 3 signs of sun damage.

  1. Protection from Sunburn – Sunplay has a photostable formula that provides the highest UV protection: SPF 130, UVA+++. Its UV reflection technology reflects UV rays away from you like a mirror.
  2. Protection from Skin Aging – Strong UV rays cause wrinkles and drown spots. Sunplay has Ronacare Ectoin and Artileukine 6, two advanced technologies to protect your skin from aging.
  3. Protection from DrynessSunplay has Hyaluronic Acid which can lock up 1000X its weight in water. This helps to reduce water loss from you skin and ensure continual skin moisture. 

Personally, I find that this power-packed milky lotion spreads on like a dream. The  watery formula is weightlessly fast drying and disappears onto the skin without a trace of residue. The maximum protection really gives me a peace of mind to enjoy even the hottest blazing afternoon sun, plus I like that the formula is water resistant, hypo-allergenic and does not clog pores.

With Sunplay,  any sun time is fun time!  

Compactly packed at 35gm a bottle,  Sunplay SPF 130 PA+++ is available at Watsons and Guardian Stores at SGD$17.20.    

And Now, Freebies and Contest Time!

You could redeem your FREE travel size sample at the Sunplay’s Facebook Fan Page 


20 lucky readers to post “I Love Sunplay because…” on Sunplay’s Facebook wall will stand a chance to win prizes from  SunplayContest ends  10th June 2012, 11.59PM !   

Good Luck everyone! 


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