Rachel K CC cream

22 May

This is a case that C is better than B. That is, Rachel K CC cream vs the regular BB cream.

The CC cream comes in two formulas: The Original in black packaging is to enhance pinkish undertone for brighter beaming and dewy skin, and Neutral in the pink tube could correct dull undertone for natural radiant and flawless skin.

Besides what the usual BB cream can do, Rachel K CC cream leaps further and offers 10 benefits within a tube.  Among all, it could: 

  1. Instantly brightens
  2. Promotes fairness
  3. SPF 35 PA+
  4. Control shine
  5. Hydrates
  6. Mattifies
  7. Even tones
  8. Conceal flaws
  9. Long lasting
  10. Waterproof

I have picked Neutral for my dull skin and checked if it has liven up to its claim and here’s my thoughts:

The lazy bum in me loves that the CC cream comes with sufficient level of sun protection and SPF 35 PA+ is good enough for me to throw the sunscreen aside on late mornings. texture wise, I like that it is velvety smooth so applying and blending is a breeze. As for oil control, I must say that my dry and patchy skin doesn’t produces much oil to begin with but it does helps my face to stay matte and sweat proof the entire day. It smoothens my skin and gives my dull complexion a new lease of sparkles with its brightening properties so my face looks fresher and livelier.

Overall, I find Rachel K CC cream a great all-in-one base that is good to hide minor imperfections and provides a nice, sheer coverage for the day. 


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