Bio Essence Tanaka White 4X Flawless White Serum

3 May

Being a true Gemini, I get bored easily and I enjoy the adrenaline of learning new things and exploring new horizons. On the same juncture, I like being challenged and taking up new challenges. It doesn’t matter whether I win or lose; it is the process and experience that I gain along the way that counts.
Having said that, the fight in the name of beauty is a different story. I reckon that no woman would want to lose in such a battle and that is why I am taking up the Bio Essence Tanaka White 4X Flawless White Serum challenge to combat Dark Spots, Pigmentations and Dullness in 4 Days!

Formulated with Tanaka Extract, Tranexamic Acid, Kojic Acid and Arbutin, what the serum would do is to protect the skin against UV rays, cools and moisturizes, curbs melanin production, as well as lightening of spots, eliminate of pigmentations and improves overall skin complexion.

As a result, pigmentations would be lightened, dull and yellowish skin tone would be brightened, blemishes would be reduced and skin would become fairer. The most amazing part is that the result can be expected in just 4 days!

 Woo hoot! Let’s begin!

Day Zero
Skin analysis
I count myself lucky that apart from a stubborn patch above my eye brow, the pigmentations on the rest of my face aren’t so bad but I would definitely want to achieve an overall fairer and even skin tone.

Day 1 to Day 3
4X anti-dark fighting journey begins
I have to adhere to the Bio Essence Tanaka White Skincare regime that includes cleanser, softener, serum, day or night cream for a period of 4 days.
My thoughts on the star product, Bio Essence Tanaka White 4X Flawless White Serum:
–         Color: Milky white
–         Texture: Fluidly, light, non-sticky or greasy
–         Smell: Light pleasant scent
–         Absorbency: Absorb quickly into the skin and leaves on residue

Day 4
Mission completed

Day 5
Judgment day
While my friend’s skin has shown an amazing improvement under the scope, the stubborn spot above my eyebrow is still persistently visible but I am not complaining because afterall, this ugly ‘landmark’ is already on my face for at least a decade so it would probably take a longer time to see the effect. That aside, I would say that the overall result of the 4 days trial is pretty much impressive under the naked eyes and I am on the journey to smoother and luminous skin!

Whew! Mission accomplished!


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