Chamos ACACI Skincare

23 Apr

Have you ever been walked into a store and bought something because you can’t resist the beautiful packaging only to be disappointed by its content inside? Have you ever been lured by an advertisement to buy an overpriced product only to find that it is not worth your dollars? And have you ever been attracted by the good looks of a hunk only to realize that he is nothing but an airhead? 

Well, that is because we human beings are visual creatures and we seldom look beyond the facade. But as the old saying goes, never judge a book by its cover and very often, it is the substance within that counts. A woman with a plain exterior may possess great inner beauty waiting to be unveiled. Likewise, the contents inside a simple box may be the best beauty portion waiting to be unearthed. And Chamos Cosmetics is just that.

ACACI, the brand that housed under Chamos Cosmetics is none like the usual Korean beauty stuffs that scream for attention with their fanciful designs and cute packaging. In contrast, ACACI stood up with its understated simplicity and even pharmaceutical packaging that somehow, reminds me more of Kiehl’s, Philosphy and even Aesop for their no-fuss beauty solutions.

While I have tried its multi-functional BB cream some years before, I knew very little about ACACI except that their skincare products are made of natural ingredients and free from paraben and alcohol. It isn’t until quite recently that I am being wowed by its wide range of skincare that ranging from basic care such as cleansers to spot targeted solution to intensive care such as Vitamin C powder. In fact, there are over 30 types of products under its wing! Much as I  would love to go on and talk about each and every product that I fancy but I doubt of my own ability to do so in one post alone so what I will do here is to share some of my personal favorites.

Alright, let’s start from the basic. 

It will be an understatement to say that I like this Special Blueberry Fruits Cleansing and Blueberry Control Nutry Cream. I absolutely love the duo! Besides the yummy-icous scent of the blueberry that instantly perks me up (and makes me hungry too), I like how the Special Blueberry Fruits Cleansing foam leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed after washing. It offers a deep cleansing effect that gently yet effectively removes makeup, sebum and other impurities without causing irritation on my sensitive skin. It is unavoidable that some moisture would be striped off when we wash our face and that is when the Blueberry Control Nutry Cream comes in handy to the rescue. While the cream contains blueberry extracts that nourishes effectively, calling it a cream doesn’t do the texture any justice, it feels more like a gel but I like to call it water bomb as its texture is so feather light that it nstantly dissolves into the skin and leaves no trace of greasiness the moment it is being applied. It has the incredible abilities to replenish and retain moisture so that my skin feels soft, hydrated and dewy. To give my skin an optimized boost and yearn better results for a fairer skin tone,  I team it with Vitamin C Powder. All I need to mix a little of the Vitamin C Powder together with the cream and apply directly onto the face and the tingling sensation would makes me feel that the 100% natural fruits vitamin powder is activating and working hard to refine my pores, level out my uneven skin tone and make me fairer at the same time! Well, while these results may take time to become visible, there is one overnight effect that nothing could beats and that is the fresh, healthy and glowing skin that I get when I wake up each morning! A word of caution though, never applies the powder onto an open wound otherwise it may irritate the skin further.   

Another product from ACACI that has won my heart is the Argan Oil. Made from 100% natural argan oil, 3 to 4 drops is all I need to retrieve my dry and tired skin. With a light massage, the oil would penetrates deeply into the skin and nourish from within. Apart from its moisturizing properties that keep my skin feeling soft and smooth, it boosts the skin elasticity and plays a vital in keeping my face firm and fresh looking too.

Being a mask junkie, how can I miss the chance to rave about the astonishing Only You Snail Repair Milky Dress Magic Mask as well?

Besides its instant whitening effect, what makes this mask so special is the way to apply it. Unlike most of the leave on and rinse off mask, you actually have to massage this whitey emulsion onto the skin as to activate and maximize its effect. Containing snail mucus extracts, arbutin, vitamin C and marus alba bark extract, this magical portion not only could helps to purify the skin in order to achieve a fairer complexion, it could also aids in the skin renewal process, improves the elasticity and builds resilience too. It can be used for the face as well as on the body and the best part is that 3 minutes is all you need before rinsing off with warm water and let your skin glow in radiance!

Enough said.

To experience these fabulous beauty fix yourself, Beauty Finest the distributor of ACACI product is just a click away.

And speaking of Beauty Finest, the good folks there is having a Mother’s Day promotion.

Besides a whopping of 20% saving off every web purchase, delivery fee will also be waived for purchases above $100 from both BeautyFinest and Yadah sites. What’s more, you will get a free gift of your choice of either Skin Watchers Wrinkle Recovery Cream or Skin Watchers Natural Pore mask! 

Personally I have neither tried Skin Watchers Wrinkle Recovery Cream nor Skin Watchers Natural Pore Mask before, but I can assure you that Skin Watchers is one brand that you trust and I swear by its Papaya Moisture Peeling Gel and also love the Green Snail EGF cream as much too.

Anyway, for those who prefer physical shopping or are SASA members like myself,   Skinfactory, Skin Watchers and Yadah products are now available in selected SASA stores. 

For Carrefour patrons, the entire range of Skinfactory, Skin Watchers and Yadah products are also available at the cosmetic and skincare section on the ground floor (opposite L’oreal counter).  And while you are there, don’t forget to check out the range of Skinfactory Clinical Masks – they are possibly the best masks in the market that cost only a fraction of the price of those from other premium brands.      

Go on! Spread the word and happy shopping everyone.  


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