The Disgruntled Chef

1 Apr

Been to The Disgruntled Chef twice, both on a weekday for lunch. In fact it is not so much for the food but rather, it’s surrounding reminds me of grndma’s old time kampung – winding path, bushy greens, banana trees and even chirpy birds and I simply love the tranquilly and especially, the smell of nature and fresh air after the rain.

Anyway, back The Disgruntled Chef, the service was our first visit was passable, nothing memorable but the service crew on second visit was fantastic! She was polite, friendly and very attentive.

There were four main courses on the board menu for set lunch and we had tried them all during the two visits. Out of the four dishes, Oxtail Stew with Carrots & Kambu, Roast Chicken Leg with Chemoula Spices and Fresh Coriander, Spaghetti Blolognese and Battered Haddock & Chips, we personally felt that the fish and chips were a little too oily, the outer layer of the Chicken was good but the meat of chicken leg wasn’t well marinated and tasted a little too bland and stiff and the sauce for the Spaghetti was somehow a little too watery. But what I have least appreciated was the oxtail stew. It was too rich and flavorful to have it on it’s on as a meal!

Battered Haddock & Chips

Roast Chicken Leg with Chemoula Spices and Fresh Coriander

Oxtail Stew with Carrots & Kambu

Spaghetti Blolognese

Nonetheless, what the taste of the food by itself has failed to make an impression, it was all compensate by their thick and robust homemade soup of the day.  I can’t recalled exactly what these soup of the day are called by now, but both the taste of their asparagus and potato soup of day have never left my mind since! Hmm..delicious!





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