Hadabisei Face Mask

3 Feb

A parcel from Eternity Inter-Trade (Singapore) Pte Ltd!

 Yes! I love Masks! 

Thank you so much! 

Smoothening Face Mask

This mask is soaked with 20ml of essence with Collagen + Ceramide formula that helps to hydrate the skin from within. When taking the individual mask out of its pocket, the first thing I noticed is the sheet has several slits at the sides, which is good because the cuttings would allow adjustability for the mask to adhere to the user’s facial contour more closely. The second thing was the moisture that the sheet contained. It is well moist, the texture is light and it leaves the face feeling instantly refreshed and cool after use.

Moisture Infused Eye Jelly Pack

I love these jelly pads so much that I’ve using it for three consecutive days in a row! Oh, I better save the last pair till I get myself another box. 

Same as the Smoothening Face Mask, these eye pads are infused with Collagen + Ceramide formula to provide moisturizing and wrinkle care. These jellies are not only very soothing and calming for the tired eyes, they replenish moisturize and smoothen fine lines in an instant. They are very helpful in de-puffing my eye bags too. The end result: fresher and brighten eyes! 


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