Smooth E White Babyface Foam

10 Jan

Much as I love the entire package of Lierac Radiance Mask, but somehow, the product is not right for my skin. Merely after two applications, my skin went havoc and all hells broke loose.

My already thinned and sensitive skin suddenly developed red patches that were terribly itchy and painful. Then acnes started to break out and so I turned to anti-acne treatment, first using Tea Tree Oil and later with Salicylic Acid. When both didn’t work, I used Benzoyl Peroxide and that helped to put the acnes under control but my skin became dry and started peeling.

Out of desperation, I decided to minimize any chemical contact in the hope not to trigger or irritate my skin further. Apart from keep my bare and away from makeup, I have also ditched my cleanser and opted for Smooth E White Babyface Foam.

I used to like that squeaky clean feeling that bubble foaming cleanser would bring so it took me quite sometime to get used to Smooth E White Babyface Foam’s bubble free formula and amazingly, my skin started to get better within a week and a half!

Why it works?
♥ It is non-ionic.   
♥ It is bubble free, non toxic and would not leave any chemical residues after washing.
♥ It is soap free and pH balanced.
♥ It is hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic.
♥ It is gentle and suits even the most sensitive skin.
What it can do?
♥ 4 in 1 action: Clean, Whiten, Tone & Moisturize
♥ Exfoliates and brighten skin to promote a healthy and fair complexion
What are the effective ingredient?
♥ Vitamin C to lighten the skin color
♥ Vitamin E to fight against free radicals
♥ Micronized Titaniumdioxide to block harmful rays
♥ Melawhite to promote gradual lightening and even dark spots
What are the benefits?
♥ Deep and gentle cleansing  
♥ Whitening effect 
♥ Reduces acnes and fine lines
♥ Smooth and fair like the baby’s face! 

For best result,  apply Smooth E Nature Vita Cream after washing. 

Smooth E White Babyface Foam is available at Watsons, Guardian and BHG at S$16.90 each and brought to you by Confirm Trading



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