Christmas family gathering

29 Dec

With the nieces and nephews growing up fast, the numbers are growing steadily with the ever increasing of newly weds and new born babies every year or two and it is no coincidence that we have all the 12 Zodiac star signs and some repetitions within the family. In terms of the Chinese horoscopes, we too, housed all of them and we have like, 5 pigs,  4 goats, 3 rabbits, 2 dragons, quite a few roosters and the list goes on.

The beauty of having a big family is that parties are ongoing affairs on every Sunday at mum’s place. When it comes to festive celebrations, especially Christmas, everyone is in for the party and the headcounts in the house would probably, way too much for the approval from the HDB authorities. But as long as we are burning the house down, who cares anyway?

So, how’s home party like? There is food, there are drinks, there are games, there is laughter, there is fun and of course, there are family members. And talking about family members, I must salute my eldest sister-in-law for all her efforts to get the party rolling. It is certainly not one easy task to plan, organize and execute such family gatherings.  Come to think of it, she is one year older than my mum but her youthful spirits and boundless energy make me envious.  Oh yes, let’s not forget about second elder sister-in-law. I didn’t know that this ever-so-serious sister could be so gungho. Her rock-star performance and her husband’s magic show filled the hall with laughter.

Hoped everybody has enjoyed Christmas. I did, except for shh…promise don’t tell anyone else okay (blush, blush) one little recycled present that I wished not to receive. That’s one junk that had jumped from one household to another but given the miserably stingy nature of the giver, it is already one generosity gesture of hers that I should learn to appreciate.

Till the next year, God bless!

Let the entertainment begins!

the magic man

Offering our prayers..

Offering a stalk of rose..

X'mas tree in the making..

and more human X'mas trees!

family fun



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