Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant

25 Dec

Come to think of it, hubby is much a picky eater than I am. He can’t take stuffs that are too spicy, he doesn’t like food that is too oily, he is turn off by sweet stuff and he hates the taste of sour.  He would leaves the entire abalone in the pot while having Buddha Jump Over The Wall, has Tom Yum Gong without drinking the soup, eats sushi roll by painstakingly peeling the layer of seaweed off and irked me by picking out every tiny bits of mushrooms he could find on his plate.

Being part Peranakan, he doesn’t seem to appreciate the Nonya cuisine and he doesn’t particularly fancies Chinese cuisine either. While he likes Western food, he couldn’t stomach too much meat.  Thai food doesn’t tickle his taste buds either, it is simply too hot, spicy, sweet and sour. Same goes for Malay food, most dishes are too spicy. Indian food is fine if it is roti-prata and teh tarik. But Japanese cuisine, minus the seaweed is good, especially so if the restaurant serves fresh sashimi and/or tender wagyu beef is in the menu.

Over at Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant, we didn’t order his favorite wagyu beef but their sashimi, along with the prompt service made him one happy patron and a satisfied customer.


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