Day to Night: Christmas Makeup with Ansley & LUS!

24 Dec

Here’s a brief of the makeup essentials that I have reviewed before to get makeup done in a swift.

Instead of foundation, I have been using BB cream as a base for as long as I could remember. It offers a more sheer and natural coverage but nonetheless, hides minor imperfections and blemishes pretty well. Here, I am using Dr.Jart Renewalist BB Cream. Besides the light, creamy texture that spreads on easily for a quick and even application, this BB cream would conceal fine lines, brighten up the face and keeps the skin stays moist and smooth.

Dust on Shimmer from Ansley 3D shimmer & Blusher over the face to set and add sparkle for a fresh, soft shimmering glow.

Next, swirl on Blusher from Ansley 3D shimmer & Blusher and sweep on the apple of the cheeks to bring radiance.

Use the lighter shade from the duo palette of Ansley Pure Pop Super Star Eye Shadow & Gel Eyeliner to cover the entire lid and apply the darker brown to the crease of the eyelids and blend well.

With a steady hand, line the eye using the creamy, dark brown eyeliner Ansley Pure Pop Super Star Eye Shadow & Gel Eyeliner from inside of the lashes outwards.

Coat lashes with a layer of lash essence to protect and lengthen the lashes before zig-zagging two coats of mascara from Ansley Show Hot Dual Volume Mascara.

Finally, dab on LUS LED Illuminated lip Gloss from the centre of lips and spreading outwards for a light touch color.

A soft, natural makeup look for the day. 


When the sun sets and the sky gets dark, it is time to call for a little drama and turning the dewy day makeup into a dazzling night look is a breeze with the same makeup stuff.   

~ First, freshen up and cover the day’s fatigue with a dust of shimmer and reapply blusher.

~ Next, add intensity on the eyes by reapplying the darker tone eyeshadow to the entire crease line. Extend the eyeliner to the outer part of the lower eyelids and lightly smudge the line with the dark brown eyeshadow. Then apply the lighter shade of the duo on the waterline of the other end to open and brighten the eyes. Add on a coat of mascara, or put on a pair of falsies for a more dramatic look.

~ To complete the look, apply lipstick with a deeper hue before topping it with lip gloss for an alluring pout. 



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