Ansley Show Hot Dual Volume Mascara

18 Dec

We all know how a coat or two of mascara can instantly enhance and open up the eyes and that probably explains why the quest of a perfect mascara for many women is very ending. But what defines a perfect mascara? To me, an ideal one should offers intensive color that volumizes and lengthens my lashes, non-clumping, smudge free and waterproof and though I have a habit of using a makeup remover to wipe off makeup before using a milk cleanser, the ease of removal is still one major concern.


The first thing that I noticed about the Ansley Volume Mascara is its dual application. It comes with the white lash essence on one end and the black volume mascara on the other. Though nothing new since many other cosmetic companies are offering that too, but this one is a pretty neat deal at S$12.90. 

While the coat of lash essence helps to hold the curl and lengthen my mediocre eyelashes, the brush brittles of the volume mascara deposit the mascara onto the lashes easily with no clumping. It is fast dry and does not weigh down the lashes. The result: instantly thicker and fuller lashes that are natural and perfect for day to day wear. A greater volume and length can be achieved by simply weaving on another layer for a more luxurious and glamorous effect.

I would say that the staying power is relatively impressive too. On the uneventful day that I have worn the mascara, it survived a downpour while I had to run a distance for shelter and stayed smudge-free while I shed a little over a sad episode of farewell. To test the efficiency of removing, I skipped makeup remover and went straight under the shower head and easy does it, the mascara came off with warm water!

My thoughts after the usage:
♥ Versatile – gives incredible length and volume
♥ Clump-free, smooth and easy to apply
♥ Resistance to smudges and waterproof
♥ Easy to remove with warm water


Features of the Ansley Show Hot Dual Volume Mascara
– Multi polymer coating system that thicken eyelashes
– Easy washable with warm water
– Perfect Black & Blue well mixed mineral pigment and natural vegetable wax for intense dark color and prevents sagging caused by moisture
– Fast drying effect for last long curls
– Smudge resistance, Tear proof and waterproof
Now, who says a good mascara has to hefty? Ansley Show Hot Dual Volume Mascara is going to proof you wrong. Available at Guardian on Hangsells at S$12.90, grab yours before everyone else does. For more information, check out Confirm Trading facebook here.

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