Mentholatum Lip Balm

5 Dec

Do you know that Mentholatum Lip Balm is the No. 1 best selling lip balm brand in Japan?

And in 2003, Mogitate Katjitsu was first introduced in Japan? 

Mogitate Katjitsu meaning Fresh Fruits in English, is a range of 5 fruity flavored lip balms that, apart from offering UV protection, it contains moisturizing booster such as Squalane to help minimized those wrinkly lines that are caused by aging and sun damaging factors, Grape Seed Oil that aids in skin repair, Vitamin A & Vitamin E that provides antioxidants that prolongs aging and keeps the lips healthy, it is uniquely formulated with real, natural fruit juice and honey.

With such benefits, superior lip protection, nice taste and awesome smell to top it off, it is no wonder how quickly Mogitate Katjitsu has gained its popularity with the Japanese during its launch and after trying it out myself, I couldn’t find a single reason not to love it. Oh, by the way, the one that I tried is the Orange & Mango Flavor and my thoughts as below:

♥ The sweet orangey aroma is very uplifting for the spirits

♥ It seals dry & chap lips and is non sticky

♥ It fills up the lines on my lips and keeps them really soft and supple

♥ It offers UV protection so I don’t have to worry about sun damaging

♥ It keeps my lips moisturized while I sleep

The 5 different fruit mixes. Take your pick: 

And my personal favourite? – Lemon & Lime ^^

Tempted to try one out before buying? Grab your Free Sample here, else, you could get your desired flavor at any Watsons stores for S$5.90 each.



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