Kinohitmitsu J’pan Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink

21 Oct

Back in the 16th Century, the Spanish explorer, Juan Ponce de Leon discovered the legendary Fountain of Youth in Florida. It was said that the spring water could restores health and reverse aging.

Fast forward to the present, the quest for that miracle to slow down the clicking of our bio-clock still continues and hence, the market is flooded with all kinds of health and beauty supplements.

Among all the beauty supplements, I am sure Collagen is top on the list for many women. I too, am very committed to my daily consumption of collagen. In fact, I have tried many forms of Collagen supplements in the past years, but this one is, undoubtedly the most delicious of all!

Alright, great taste aside, let’s see how Kinohitmitsu J’pan Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink is different from the rest.

First of all, the Kinohitmitsu J’pan Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink contains 5300mg of Collagen Peptide that specifically designed for mature skin (that’s for me!). Collagen Peptide being similar to our own skin’s natural collagen but has a shorter molecular structure, can be easily absorbed by our skin, and thus could actively boosts collagen synthesis and repairs damaged collagen fibers to minimize signs of ageing, lift and plump the skin with moisture. This will help to restore the skin’s youthfulness, resilience and radiance and minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and prevent dryness.

Who should take Kinohitmitsu J’pan Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink? Practically anyone but especially beneficial for those in the illustration below:

Want to freeze your age effortlessly?

Now you can.

Simply pop over to Guardian to pick up a box of Kinohitmitsu J’pan Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink at SGD$69.60 for 50ml x 16  and start drinking a bottle  (preferably before breakfast or bedtime) daily for 6 consecutive days and after which, a bottle every 3 days for maintenance. This 100% natural essence is preservatives free with no artificial colouring, flavouring or sugar added and it tastes best when chilled. Just remember to shake well before drinking and you are on your way looking good in just 6 days! 

Based on the clinical test on 200 Asian women,  100% of the panellist has showed noticeable improvement. Within the  6th day of consumption,  skin has becomes more hydrated and supple and by the 14th day, free lines are reduced and skin looks brighter.  More visible result will be achieved by the 28th day with skin texture more refined and noticeably looking firmer and smoother! 


For more information about Kinohimitsu Collagen 5300mg  Drink, join Confirm Trading (S) Pte Ltd facebook page now. 

Cheers to better skin!


6 Responses to “Kinohitmitsu J’pan Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink”

  1. fatin November 29, 2011 at 11:13 am #

    thanks 4 ur wonderful review on the collagen diamond 25 years old and i would like 2 ask wheter the drink is advisable 2 be consume 4 me? how rapid does the difference shows?

    • lifelittletales November 29, 2011 at 12:29 pm #

      I guess it is never too young to start taking care 🙂 The result greatly depends from individual but personally, I could feel the improvement within the first week. So far, I am on my second box (a box contains 16) now and a recent skin check showed that the hydration level of the skin has improved tremendously so I’d say that the result is pretty good if you have the patience 🙂

  2. Jordan Broitzman August 6, 2012 at 2:21 pm #

    Collagen supplements are really needed if you want to maintain healthy skin and also a healthy hair.’,;*’

    Warmest wishes


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