Guardian Facial Sheet Masks

5 Oct

I was purposed to pick up a bottle of Eno at Guardian but was distracted by something else – Guardian’s own house brand masks displayed prominently on the top level of the shelves as soon as I entered into the store.

To be honest, this was the first I came across Guardian’s own house brand masks but that did not deter the mask junkie in me from swiping each of a kind (except one for that is meant for men) off the shelf and like a little girl desperate to play with her new toy, I took no resistance to try out the mask one by one.

Upon a brief examination, I decided to use the Hyaluronic Acid Mask to quench the thirst of my dry and tired skin first.

As usual, the packet contains a tissue sheet with a plastic protector. The dampen mask fits nicely onto the face and I am delighted to find that the mask comes with ear hoods. It is so much better than those conventional three-hole and one slit sheets as these nifty hooks will help to hold the mask in place while I move around freely.

My verdict after trying out all the three types of the mask:

The Hyaluronic Acid Mask – it gives my skin a much needed hydration boost but left a sticky film after the application.

The Collagen Mask – it delivers its claim to smoothen my fine lines and my face looks fresher after use.

The Q10 Mask – this is ultimately my favourite from the lot! It effectively revitalizes my tired skin, erases the dullness and improves the skin’s elasticity!

At SGD$6.95 for a box of 5,  it works out to slightly over a dollar for a piece and that is what I call value-for-money 🙂


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