Review: Smooth E Extra Sensitive Cleansing Gel

14 Sep

I have very bad skin.



Not only that it is blemishes and acnes prone, my skin is also terribly sensitive and easily irritable. It tends to turn red by the slightest touch and would itch frenziedly and over-react to products that are too harsh. And that explains why I seldom bother to treat my pimples as most anti-acne products are too strong and tend to irritate my skin further. 



The first thing I noticed about Smooth E Extra Sensitive Cleansing Gel was, of course, the word: EXTRA SENSITIVE. This non-foaming is indeed, very mild and gentle for the skin. It cleanses deeply and does not disturb the skin’s natural moisture. It is also non-drying and leaves my face feeling clean and smooth after washing.



After several days of usage, my huge pimples have subsided and the blemishes have visibly cleared up. There is no new formation of pimples and my face looks cleaner and feels smoother.


My Verdict?  

Personally I find Smooth E Extra Sensitive Cleansing Gel very effective and soothing for my sensitive skin (even my neighbour from Thailand swears by itt!)

Key Ingredient and Efficiency: 
Non-Ionic Surfactant(NIS): Non-Ionic gel cleanser contains no charged ions and leaves no residue.
Optimum Moisturizing Complex (OMC): Especially formulated by Smooth E to restore skin moisture to its balanced level.
Hypo Allergenic Formula: Suitable for all skin types and even for the most delicate and sensitive skin.
Natural Vitamin E: A powerful anti-oxidant which moisturizes and improves skin conditions.
Direction to use:
Apply a small amount onto moist skin
Gently massage before rinsing thoroughly with water
Where to Buy
Exclusively available at major Guardian Stores islandwide


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