Review: Grace Mask, Aweto

10 Sep

I was given a piece of Awetos Anti Acne Oil Control Mask by Confirm Trading (S) Pte Ltd to try out and which is great because I am usually so obsessed with drowning my skin terribly dehydrated with moisture that I often neglect treating those ugly but ever sprouting pimples and blemishes.


Like I do with any other sheet masks, I fridge it so I that I use it cold. A cold mask cools down the skin temperature instantly and that’s my little trick to energize and freshen up after a long day. Not only that, it serves as a perk-me-up on lazing mornings too.


My first impression when I opened up the mask was that it is generously sized and I am sure folks with a broader-face will be thankful for that. I like that it comes with a flip to cover the entire eyes so the eye areas can get treated too.


Apart that the moist content had initially irritated my sensitive eyes a little, I absolutely have no complaint about the mask. In fact, I find the mask very soothing and liked how it calmed down the redness on my skin.


It was surprisingly very moisturizing and my skin felt soft, supple and hydrated after the application.


And the bonus?


My face looked brighter and more radiant with the improvement of blood circulation and I simply love that after-glow!

Main Features: 
  • Intense oil control
  • Anti-acne formula
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Hydrates and moisturizes
Where to Buy
Major Guardian Stores islandwide



SGD$29.00 for a box of 10 pieces

To find out more about Grace Mask, please read my introduction here.


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