“Beauty DIY with Judy 老师” bloggers & Media Event

2 Jul

I first came across Shills while watching the Taiwan女人我最大 (Lady First show) some years ago. At that time Beauty Bistro has not brought the brand into Singapore yet but I managed to find that highly recommended Shills Super Magic BB cream from a blog shop online. I was so crazy over BB cream back then that I have once ordered a dozen of Shills Super Magic BB cream, only to be distributed among the girls since it took a long time to finish a tube.

When I was being to attend the “Beauty DIY with Judy 老师” bloggers & Media event by Louisa, I pounded on the opportunity. Being in the game for more than 20 years and a renowned 女人我最大 celebrity fashion & beauty stylist, Judy Lin not only excel at her craft, she is enviously as gorgeous as any of her celebrity clients and I was looking forward to steal a beauty trick or two from her during the event. 

The event was kick-started off the introduction of Shills slimming range and a live demonstration using SHILLS Miracle-Lift 157% Body Contour Control and ANOSA Fit Patch on two volunteers separately. A look at the lady volunteer, Judy remarked that she should be able to take at least 2cm off her flabby arm after using SHILLS Miracle-Lift 157% Body Contour Control cream! Wow! That pumped up my adrenaline and got me really excited to see the result. After applying the cream and lightly massaged it upward direction towards the heart for the improving of blood circulation, she wrapped the targeted area with a cling wrap to enhance the penetration and allow fat burning.

The result: The volunteer’s arm was shrunk by 2cm. It measured 30 cm in comparison to initial 32cm! That’s incredibly impressive!

Up next was something that I kept on my toes. I simply hate my flat and lifeless hair to the max!

Using the SHILLS Magical Hair Volumizer and SHILLS FLUFFY FIX Maximizing Hair Volume Spray; Judy demonstrated how to turn flat hair into stunning up-dos within minutes. The transformation of the day & nigh hairdo had seemed so effortlessly easy on stage but when I tried to replicate the style myself, it took me endless hours and ended with a mess and a lot of falling hair on the floor thereafter.   

While my clumsy fingers have failed me, the Hair Volumizer & Fluffy Fix Spray did not. In fact, they have since become my most essential companions that help me to fake a full and bountiful head everyday!

More gathered around and many beauties watched with keen interest as Judy proceed to show the audience how to stay pretty with bright and radiant skin that is free of dark spots and pigmentations using SHILLS WHITE Anti-Dark Spot Whitening Serum, SHILLS WHITE EX Whitening and Brightening Cream and SHILLS Whitening Hydra-Foundation 21.

I was amazed by how much the SHILLS Moisturizing & Whitening Cold Gel Mask can increase the skin moisturize level and bring the skin’s temperature down instantly, but it wasn’t on sale that day. Instead, it comes free with the SHILLS WHITE 540° Whitening Anti-Pigmentation Series bundle but since I don’t use whitening stuff,  I never get a chance to experience the goodness of the mask ..what a shame 😦


To find out more about SHILLS product, visit  Beauty Bistro at: 



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