Skin Watchers Wrinkle Away Brightening Eye Cream

30 Jun

The positive testimonials of other Skin Watchers users has prompted me to try this eye cream myself. I have been using this trial size Skin Watchers Wrinkle Away Whitening Eye Cream together with my Skin Watchers Green Snail Emulsion & Cream for straight 5 days in a row now and I am must say the result is more than satisfactory! It is GREAT! 

No, it did not work miracle and erased wrinkles away overnight. That is too much to ask for from a topical cream anyway. 

What the Skin Watchers Wrinkle Away Brightening Eye Cream does is to treat and heal the thin and broken capillaries around the eye areas. It revitalizes my tired eyes by reducing the puffiness, smooth the fine lines, soften my deep wrinkles and firms up the . It helps to brighten up the under eye area and as a result, my skin looks visibly firmer and fresher!

I have genetic milia seeds so I am glad that the cream is light enough to penetrate into the skin easily so it does not deteriorates my conditions. The cream is also very soothing and has a mild scent that is invigorating for the senses.  

Whoa! It works on nasolabial folds too! 

Information taken from Beauty Finest Website

Skin Watchers Wrinkle Away Brightening Eye Cream is available exclusively at Beauty Finest Pte Ltd.  Visit their website for more information and join their facebook page for product updates now! 


One Response to “Skin Watchers Wrinkle Away Brightening Eye Cream”

  1. eye serum reviews July 4, 2011 at 7:57 pm #

    yea it can remove those crows feet and wrinkles not only in the ends of your eyes but also in the forehead area were you can also apply it there.

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