Snail Street Snail AC Trouble Mask

29 Jun

Following my latest purchase of Skin Watchers Green Snail EGF stuff, here’s another snail thingy – Snail Street Snail AC Trouble Mask!

I was nursing my post-menstrual skin when I received this mask from TSS and I can’t wait to try it.

As usual, I threw my mask in the fridge to keep it cool before using and I must say the mask was really (er..thinking of the right word) GOOD!

The mask was very soothing and effective in controlling the excessive sebum secretion and aided in the skin healing process. Due to its snail mucus extract content, it has helped to revitalize and brighten up my skin too.

I would highly recommend it to those with problematic and acne-troubled skin.

Product Description:

1) Snail mucus extract for troubled skin care.

2) Contains Tea tree oil & mung beans for sebum control and makes the skin soft.

3) Contains rice bean extract which moisturise the skin.

4) Does not contain artifical coloring and flagrance. Non-alochol nature reduces burden on the skin.


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