Ginvera Green Tea BB Cream & Aqua Whitening Cream Bloggers Event

26 Jun

When I received a call from Elfaine of TSS last Friday, I was totally clueless. I did not received her earlier email so I wasn’t aware that I was being one of the ten bloggers being shortlisted for the Ginvera’s Bloggers Challenge Round Two happening the next day on 18 June 2011.

Emerging 10 out of the 100 challengers?  Great!     

1 of out the 10 is going for a trip to Hong Kong for 4? Wow, that’s nice! 

The challenge? A presentation to promote Ginvera’s new products.  Cool!

BUT! The event is going to happen less than 24 hours’ time and with hands all tied up that day,  I was ready to bid that chance to take the family to HK bye bye but the young lady over the line was very assuring and advised that a simple presentation or demo will do just fine. 

It was well past dinner when I finally get down to work on the presentation. With the  limited resources and restricted time frame, it is needless to say that I have done a lousy job.   

The event was held at NOVUS Restaurant Bar, Café – Courtyard within the artsy National Museum and 30 bloggers were being invited as judges.

Hmm…so it is going to be a voting game afterall. 

Anyway, I was the first in line to run my presentation since I have to leave early.

I didn’t expect that the runtime of my PPS  was so short! And why the voice over sounded like mouse quack? The last time I checked the PPS on my lappy sounded alright but it turned out to be miserably soft when being played that day. Well, an ill-prepared job is never a good job and the next participant has really put me to shame on that matter.  This lady was so well prepared and conducted her presentation like a pro. She was  so poise and confident throughout  her lengthy presentation and sounded like a really professional beauty trainer who knows her stuff. I am not sure how the 30 judges think but to me, she is already the absolute winner! 

After watching the cute BB cream competition presented by the 3rd blogger, I went off to celebrate my birthday cum wedding anniversary so I have missed out the rest of the presentations.

 Who wins in the end? I don’t know but I still feel the lady I mentioned earlier deserve to win. 

Now, that is not the end.

And here’s come the third round. And yes, it is voting time again 😦 

Ha, I can almost see you guys shaking your heads off by now. But guys, I am trying to exercise a little good sportsmanship here by completing what I have already  started. Even if the probability of winning of a voting game is zero, it is okay to  lose than quit half way through right? 

Yes? Then  cheer me to the finishing line.  And action speaks louder than words, throw me your vote here. Voting ends 3 July 2011. 

Thanks and God bless! 


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