Skinfactory Eye Dream Honey Patch

24 Jun

Ever since the discovery of the Heme Instant Lift & Whitening Eye Mask, I was so hoping that other eye masks could soon follow suit, be inspired by the butterfly-shaped design that covers the entire eye area.

The Skinfactory Eye Dream Honey Patch is, however, like any other regular eye mask, comes in a regular pair of two under-eye patches. In spite of that, my little disappointment had quickly dissolved and replaced by eager anticipation as I read on the ingredients. As its name implies, Honey is naturally one of its key ingredient of the mask. Honey, being the most common natural skin care, it is known for its softening and moisturizing benefit that helps the skin to replenish and re-hydrate. It also contains anti-inflammation properties like Witch Hazel Leaf extract (Hamamelis Virginana) to sanitize and restore the skin damages.

The next two ingredients had urged me to try the mask immediately.

First of all, it is the Adenosine. It was discovered that Adenosine has the ability to stimulate and increase the production of Collagen and Elastin. These are two most important proteins in the skin that are responsible for restoration, thus, aids in minimizing the common woes of aging.

Another key ingredient that instilled faith is: Syn-ake. Basically, Syn-ake is a synethic tri-peptide derivative that mimics the activity of Waglerin 1, a polypeptide that is found in the snake venom. I have sampled a wrinkle/line-filler cream that derived from snake venom once and the result was like the charm of Botox without the poking of needles.  The effect was of course, temporary (it has managed to last for several hours though) but within seconds of application, I could see that my facial muscles were mysteriously relaxed , deep wrinkles and fine lines were nicely ironed out and those ugly nasal labial folds magically disappeared! 

With such a powerful combination can’t be wrong and Skinfactory Eye Dream Honey Patch has proven it right from the very first application. The patches taken from the fridge has a cooling effect that is very soothing and refreshing. After lazing around with it for about 30 minutes, my eyes were de-puffed, under eyes were visibly brightened and fine lines were practically unfound!

How nice if any of my eye gel or eye cream has that same abilities too! Oh, talking about eye gels and eye creams, currently I already have the Jurlique Herbal Recovery Eye Gel and Dr. Oasis Hydrating O2 Eye Cream on my dressing table but the many positive testimonials on the Skin Watchers Wrinkle Away Brightening Eye Cream has prompted me wanting to replace them with it. But like a kid seeing something new in the candy store, I was lured away into buying something else that contains a more exotic ingredient before I could place an order.

Hmm…if the word exotic has evokes your curiosity, here’s another teaser: it is a delicacy and the Frenchmen love it. Sound yummy isn’t it? It is supposedly good for the skin too.



I am sure many of you have guessed it right by now. For those who still don’t, keep on guessing and do check back as I will reveal the products over my next few posts. And, for those keen in giving your peeps a little honey treat, pop over to Beauty Finest Pte Ltd and order yours now. While there, don’t forget to check out their equally marvelous Skinfactory Clinical Facial Masks too.  The range offers six type of individually packed mask that is infused with 30ml of essence and trust me, these masks are one of the very best cellulose masks that you can ever find in the market!  


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    This page sounds great…post more.


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