Cirque Éloize iD

24 Jun

I don’t particularly fancy circus performance but I was completely on my toes throughout the Cirque Éloize iD show.

Instead of fanciful costumes and funny clowns, Cirque Éloize iD has creatively meshes pure acrobatics skills that blend into a unique storyline in an urban backdrop that fills with excitement and adrenaline rush. It is simply impossible to look away from the ever-changing stage with the superb lighting and projections along with great music and cleverly incorporating sound effects.

Among the some of the performances, there was the playful juggling act and a battle dance whereby a topless man was strap up onto two straps, the tough Chinese Pole and there was the entertaining hip-hop and break-dance inspired urban dancing. The Cyr Wheel act was a stunner and I was holding my breath as the athlete bikers hopped and skidded around an audience lying on the stage.

Whether it was the breathtaking Hand-Balancing act or the beautiful Aerial Silks or the adrenaline pumping Trampowall, the entire performance has caught every second of my attention and I found myself clapping hard at every other minute intervals!

Definitely a great show not to be missed. In fact, I wish I could to show it again soon!


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