My relaxing therapy

15 Jun

When not being pressed for time, I like to take long walks from Point A to Point B instead of using the public transport if the destination is reachable by foot. But of course, that is provided that the weather permit as I’d rather kill myself than marching and sweating down the road under the hot sun or struggling with the blowing wind and defending the stormy rain under an umbrella. With these self-imposed limitations, the opportunities to take such walk are rare and, thus, extremely precious to me.

I find taking long walks a relaxing therapy that’s very stress relieving and I enjoy those quiet moments re-discovering the little things that we don’t usually pay attention to in our hectic daily lives along the way.


An early evening along Upper Serangoon Road to towards Hougnag..

green and red, the beautiful combination of nature..

Is this a butterfly?

Pigeons...some view them as pests but I admire their freedom to fly..

Banana tree reminds me of my childhood kampung days..

Row of trees..

and a meaning quote on a banner of a church..


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