My poor lashes :(

11 Jun

I have an obsession to confess.

I can’t do without curling my lashes and applying mascaras!

Whether it is for lengthening, curling, volumizing or maximizing, I have them all in all kind of types and brands. And I get my lashes permed with dolly curls on a monthly basis too. They are my secret weapons to intensify my sparse lashes and really open up my eyes to make my face looks fresh and lively.

Problem is, my poor lashes have finally taken a toll and started petitioning to all these years of torturing chemical-treatments and mascara over-dosing. I blamed myself for the ignorance to the early signs of the riot. Should I have taken the occasionally dropping strands of lashes more seriously, perhaps I could have stopped the declared war and saved the balding patch of missing lashes on my left eye.

My pathetic lashes 😦

Helpless and desperate to redeem my sin and grow my lashes back, I bought the Folene Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment from Watsons. I was impressed and sold by the claim of luscious, longer and thicker lashes in 2 weeks. In the brochure, it was written: “90% of users see visible lash growth and thickness within 2 weeks of use!” and was awarded 150 Cult Beauty Favourites – Singapore Women’s Weekly (2010) and Most Essential Lash Tool – Singapore Women’s Weekly Best Beauty Buys (2009). The endorsement by the magazine that I read regularly was a confidence boost and I began to faithfully applying the treatment twice, one in the day as a primer and once at night before going to bed as indicated. I held on to the disturbingly greasy oily thingy for a few weeks but unfortunately, I had belonged to the rest of the 10% users. Or perhaps, I was too impatient to wait for the result and decided to go for a lash extension while allowing the lashes to grow out on its own.

Wrong move!

It was my first lash extension ever and I did not know what to expect as I reclined on the chair defenselessly while the lash technician started selling their brow resurrection and other services and products as she carried gluing and fixing the false lashes on. Though I was informed that the procedure would take half an hour to finish, the entire session was a terrible nightmare with the torturing non-stop hard selling and stinging sensation caused by the glue. And that was the beginning of the worst…

When it was finally done, I wouldn’t open up my eyes because the glue has sting so much that I couldn’t stop tearing. Instead of soft, long and curly luscious lashes, the falsies felt like hard steel strings and kept poking into my eyes. It was a disaster and they are simply horrifying, awful and ugly!

My hope for a pair of more alluring eyes crushed and what I didn’t know is that I have to pay to get them removed!

My even more pathetic state after the lash extension

My resolution?

Stop abusing my lashes and switch to use and throw falsies!



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