Animals United Movie Preview

31 May

Man is bad and in the animals’ point of view, humans are the selfish, ugly and naked beasts exploiting the natural resources.

Set in the Okavango Delta in Africa, Animals United is an entertaining tale that perhaps, more appealing to the younger children or those without much expectations. Despite the many talented voice-over casts and great CGI, the plot is too weak to instigate deeper emotions and deliver its intended message across.

There are too many storylines shattered throughout. Apart from the speech of the seven-hundred-old tortoise, most of the characters are too shallow and vague to make an impact. Some scenes are absolutely unnecessary too, ie: why bother with flooding New York City with animals at the last scene? Bringing down the entire resort should has make its point and the animals living happily in the field shall be a prettier ending than turning them into the ugly city destroyers.

The annual flood has failed to arrive in Africa’s Okavango Delta and water is scarce and fiercely fought over. Wanting to prove to his son, Junior, Billy the meerkat sets out to find water with his best friend, a disillusioned lion called Socrates. On their journey, they meet a motley crew of animals searching for a new home after their habitats have been destroyed by fire, oil spills and or other man-made disasters. Billy discovers the reason for the lack of water in the delta: a dam has been constructed to supply energy for a luxury resort. Socrates is captured and caged and while he awaits transit to a Las Vegas casino, the animals befriend Toto, a chimpanzee who is dressed like a human and entrusted to carry out maintenance tasks at the resort. Despite being hunted by the hotel’s head of security, the animals not only break Socrates free but break down the dam that is holding back their water supply. The film ends with the animals marching on New York City to let the world know that the animal kingdom is under threat from man.
09 Jun 2011
Running Time:
93 mins
Animation, Family
Holger Tappe, Reinhard Klooss
Cast (voice):
Billy Beach, James Corden, Jim Broadbent

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