Vietnam Revisited

28 May

During our recent trip to Vietnam, Ho Chii Minh City, we decided escape from the bustling tourist crowds and chose to stay at the tranquil and relaxing Thao Dien Village, the only resort hotel in HCMC located in District 2 by the river and away from the city buzz.

We used to live in HCMC back in 1990s and we took this opportunity to reminisce the past as we trek down the memory lane and revisit the places that we were once familiar.  And over the next few days, we went back to the hotel that we have stayed when we first arrived in HCMC, ate in the same restaurants that we used to frequent, enjoyed ice cream and coffee at the roadside cafes, shopped at the market that we have had our groceries and daily supplies, went back to the church, walked along the streets and returned to the house that was once our home at Le Lai, D1.

The place that we called home..

The first hotel that we stayed in when we first arrived is still at the same spot but everything has changed..

Liberty Restaurant - we still miss their corn soup with crabmeat...yummy!

The familiar sights..

Still the same high volume of motorists on the streets, but more are now wearing helmets..

and galleries..

Our lovely stay at THAO DIEN VILLAGE hotel, the only resort hotel within the city..

the new and the old..

Many things have changed over the years; old houses have gave way to new ones, shops are replaced by commercial buildings, shopping are not longer limited to going to the markets and high end brands have made their marks on the shore but there are things we still find familiarity on the streets.

Even if the water from the tap back then had yellowed all my white clothes, even if power failure was a frequent prank, even if the rain will immersed into the wall and wet the room when it poured, we shall always hold fond memories of those simpler days.

Those were the days...


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