Bio Essence Celebrity’s Choice Inch Loss Body Shaping & Zumba Toning Dance Workshop

3 May

In terms of being slim and looking good, I believe that no woman would ever to be satisfied with oneself no matter how lean or attractive she already is. This theory is again proven at the Bio Essence Celebrity’s Choice Inch Loss Body Shaping and Zumba Toning Dance Workshop held at the California Fitness Activity Room at Bugis Junction last Saturday. I thought I have knocked in the wrong way when I was the entire room filled with young girls in their earlier twenties. Most have a pretty face and a slender figure to match. In fact, many are already pencil-thin!

The workshop kicked off with measurement taking and a full profile photo shoot followed by a talk presented by Bio Essence. Faith, the amiable presenter, walked us thru the range of products in Celebrity’s Choice that consists of the newly launched InchLoss Body Cream Extra Strength, InchLoss Shower Scrub, InchLoss Body Cream, InchLoss Cellulite Treatment and Bust Boosting Cream. Through the presentation, we learnt how we could achieve a slimmer, firmer and shapier body with the help of the various products and were taught proper massaging techniques to apply the product on the targeted areas.

At the end of the presentation, we were given an opportunity to try the new Celebrity’s Choice InchLoss Body Cream Extra Strength on our body’s problematic areas starting from the arms, then tummy and finally, on the thighs. The crowd started to giggle embarrassingly as we proceed to applying the cream on the tummy areas. Some felt shy about making that extra rim of fat in their middle torso visible to others but many of us got over it quickly and started to experience the cream on more areas than what the presenter has initially suggested. Personally, I like that the cream is fast drying, non sticky and I find the fruity smell of the cream very pleasant.

When the Zumba Toning Dance’s instructed bounced onto the stage to introduce himself and mentioned that he is a food blogger, his name, Daniel, immediately rang a bell. Isn’t that the same Daniel that I listen to on my favorite radio station 1003 while I jog every Sunday mornings? He talks about food and never fails to make me drooling and feeling hungry as I make my rounds in the stadium. Anyway, the heating sensation of the cream started to kick in as we begin our Zumba Toning Dance. And boy, that was HOT! And nope, I am not talking about the dance or the instructor,  it is the cream!

The Zumba Toning Dance workout was really fun and I am contemplating on taking it up to tone my flabby arms and flatten my bulging tummy. Blamed it on our fat genes, the women in my family are all on a heavier side. Though I am blessed with a smaller build, it makes no justice and I have been carrying an unsightly spare-tyre for all the best years of my life. I am always desperate to ditch this extra rim for good since it will never be usable for our car or any other vehicles on wheels. To humor myself (and others), I often joke that this ‘accessory’ of mine is a vintage and it is simply too precious to leave behind and inside the bonnet.

I applied the cream before I went for my morning jog the next day and by the sixth round on the tracks, I began to feel the heating sensation on my tummy and as well as on my thighs. I was also perspiring profusely and drenched in sweat after my workout. That burning effect worn off when my body has cooled down but the heating sensation was being activated again as it response to body heat. I like to think that the cream as a diligent work that clocks continuously so I am quite assured that I am heading the right way to my inch-loss journey.

A word of caution: Always remember to wash your hand thoroughly after applying the cream. Avoid your face and other sensitive areas as the burning sensation could be quite intense on these areas.  


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