Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Serum

30 Apr

Some time back in January, I was given an opportunity to test a new product before its official launch in March 2011. It was called the ORIGINS Project Power Plant and participants were to use it for a month and update a fun journal on a weekly basis. During the period, we are free to carry out our routine skincare regime but we are not supposed to use any other anti-aging or whitening products or go for any facial treatments. I am not into whitening but for a self-proclaimed “anti-aging addict”, I struggled with the idea of skipping the anti-aging skincare. The prohibition of facial treatments was a little torturing especially since the Chinese New Year was around the corner. Nonetheless, I exercised good sportsmanship, abided the rules and took the challenge gamely. .

What the Power Plant could do:
1)      Reduce wrinkles length and depth. Helps to repair the vertical fret lines between the eyes, the stubborn furrows across the forehead and the deepening frownies that frame the mouth.
2)      Smoothes uneven skin texture. Helps to boost cell turnover to restore smoothness, radiance and clarity.
3)      Lift sagging contours. Helps to rebuild natural Collagen and Elastin fibers to make skin stronger and more resilient. Skin is therefore, firmer, smoother and more lifted looking.
4)      Revives youthful bounce and firmness. Helps to increase production of skin’s nature Fibrilin, the glycoprotein that gives skin the youthful firmness.


Being natural and organic, the product comes out little brownish from the bottle but I like its non-greasy texture and find it very fast absorbing. It quickly smoothens the face and prepares the skin for better absorption of my moisturizer and thereafter, my makeup. One week into the trial, I noticed my fines lines were smoothened and my skin was visibly less-tired looking. I began to wake in the mornings with this healthy sheen on my face and my skin felt velvety smooth to touch. By week 3, the effect was so feasibly noticeable that people around me began to comment on my improved skin. My face was now, very much smoother, firmer and lifted. Deep wrinkles appeared to have shrunken tremendously and I was so pleased with the result that I secretly began to visualize the dream of turning back the clock.

When I finished the bottle in exactly a month’s time as prescribed, the first thing I did was to dash to store for replenishment, but only to be reminded that the launch is another few weeks away. With such positive results achieved so far, I wasn’t prepared to return my face to its wrinkly and sagging state and I was almost paranoid by the fear that the lapse would take away from my new-found fresher façade.

After the trial, participants were invited back for a photo session. Some were being used for testimonials in printed advisements. I remembered seeing my testimonial in some of the local magazines (one of them that I could recall is: Nuyou). Some of the photos have also been put up in Origins Facebook but I could not find it anymore when I want to download mine to post it here. Anyway, the two ladies that I have met during shoot have also sang praises on the product.

Though procrastinating has always quite been my forte, but this time, I have deliberately postponed to pen down the review to see if the power of Plantscription could really proves its claim of yielding better with continual use. So far, I am bottoming up my 3rd bottle now and I must say: good thing does get better with time!

At $118, Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Serum offers retinoid-like benefits but without those side effects and it could achieves better results!


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