Sunplay Super Block SPF 130PA+++ & Sunplay UV Body Mist SPF 80 PA++

29 Apr

I love sunshine, the great outdoors and being close to nature but the sun is never friendly to my skin and I get darken and burnt easily.

When comes to sun block, I am the kind-of anything goes and usually buy whatever I could find with the highest SPF off the rack. Not that I don’t mind, but most are relatively the same; thick, sticky and give my skin a horrible, white ghostly look.

So is Sunplay the same? Of course not!

Sunplay Super Block SPF 130PA+++

With SPF 130 PA+++, Sunplay offers the highest Protection against UV-A & UV-B for long hours. When applying, the watery liquid texture gives my skin a slight sheer but good thing is that, it is extremely light, non-greasy and fast absorbing. It blends easily and the waterproof formula means that I could enjoy water activities without reapplying.

Sunplay UV Body Mist SPF 80 PA++

Being lazy, I actually quite like the idea of using body mist as sun protection and I have my first bottle from Lancaster. It is very convenient and the transparent is fast drying so no blending is required. Though both Lancaster and Sunplay’s body mist works very much the same Sunplay UV Body Mist out performs with SPF 80 whereas Lancaster’s one comes in SPF 30.

What is SPF?
SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. The higher the SPF, the more protection a sunscreen can offers to protect against UV-B.


How to calculate the recommend SPF required?
Generally, 1 SPF factor will allows you to stay under the sun before getting burnt for 15 minutes, therefore SPF 20 would offers you 15 mins x 20 = 300 mins or 5 hours of sun protection.


A little sun protection tips:
~Sunlight is at its strongest between 11am-2pm, avoid long period of direct sun exposure at these times.
~Choose a high factor of SPF for maximum protection 
~Apply sun block generously and reapply whenever necessary.
Want to fall in love with the sun with maximum protection?  Click here to receive a travel size SUNPLAY SUPER BLOCK SPF130PA+++ for FREE!

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