Tony Moly: Tomato Tomatox Brightening Mask

21 Apr

Be a vegetable or a fruit, tomatoes are simply good for health.  They are  rich in vitamins, minerals and high in antioxidants, therefore they are great for the skin too!

That is why I need no convincing from the staff to bag this Tony Moly Tomato Brightening Mask.  With his introduction of this mask that contains fresh tomato and vegetable extracts and recommendation to use it twice a week for three minutes before rinsing off, the result of my first application was astonishing! The effect: Instantly brighter skin!

Amazing, isn’t it?

Well, this  ‘whitening’ effect is only temporary and probably lasted at most a day or two. Nonetheless, this creamy mask does a great job to purify, refresh up and revive tired skin. Nice!


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