Movie: 赢家The Ultimate Winner

30 Mar

阿哥李南星导演的第一部戏! 一定要支持!


Plot Outline



Shi Tian Cai since young was very much influenced by his gambling addicted father. He was known among his peers to be the junior gambling king. When he was 8 years old, his father died in a fire leaving behind Tian Cai to fend for himself.
As years go by…
Tian Cai got married to Zhi Hui who is about to give birth. Tian Cai gambled to support his family and he believes that through gambling he would make himself rich. Tian Cai contacted Honey, who is a junket and has a deep admiration for Tian Cai, in hope that she will be able to introduce him into the high-rollers gambling circle. In order to impress and get closer to Tian Cai, Honey introduced him to high-stakes games. With Tian Cai’s innate gambling instinct and talent, he managed to make a huge windfall. Tian Cai’s talent in the gambling meets has generated envy and hatred from a Taiwanese tycoon Li Guan Jun. Each step that Tian Cai takes, is bringing him closer to his nemesis…. (read less)

Li Nanxing 李南星, Constance Song 宋怡霏, Rebecca Lim 林慧玲, Aaron Chen 陈昭荣, Dai Yang Tian 戴阳天 , Zheng Ge Ping 郑各评, Rayson Tan 陈泰铭, Phyllis Quek 郭妃丽, 黄世南, Chen Shucheng 陈澍城, Chen Li Ping 陈莉萍 ,
Directed By
Li Nanxing 李南星
Screenplay By
Produced By
Teri T. Tan




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