CuSkin Bloggers Private Lunch Event

30 Mar

It was my pleasure for being invited by Wendy to attend the CuSkin Bloggers Private Lunch Event as well as being her guinea pig for her product demonstration on 26 March 2011.

During the demo, Wendy has done a great job leading us through the various products from the CuSkin range and its applications. She highlighted that whitening products are best used at night and in the day, a Repair Balancing Cream or a Hydra Replenish Gel would be more appropriate. While applying the sun-block and BB cream, she blended them together to achieve an easier and smoother application and this little technique has immediately bought back memories of the times before BB creams came into my life and I relied on foundations for coverage. In fact, that was the little trick that I used to practice whenever I have bought a foundation of a wrong shade or if a particular foundation’s texture was too thick for my liking.

I remembered raving about CuSkin’s BB cream in my earlier review and honestly, I am still very much in love with its light pinkish tone that brightens up and give my face a healthy glow effect. I have also reasoned that I felt the pinch coughing $65 for a tube BB cream without sun-block ability but as fairy godmother does exist, I was granted a tube of my much-desired BB cream as part of the prize! Hooray!

Together with another prized item, the Pure Whitening Cream, the door gift of the PH Balancing Toner as well as my own Turnaround Skin Renewer, all I need is to hop by the store and pick up the Hydra Replenish Gel and I am all ready to start a brand new CuSkin skincare regime. Woohoot! I am getting excited 🙂

will this be the ideal CuSkin regime?

Oops, sidetracked. Alright, now back to the event. Apart from the CuSkin products, Wendy has also taken the opportunity to introduce us their premium range: DR MK Episode 1 Vitamin U. This 4 week aging care set sparked my utmost interest. I can’t help but to associate it as the Korean’s version of La’Mer and I could almost visualize the positive effect that it will bring onto my old sagging, wrinkly bull-dog facet. But then again, S$1600 for a month of supply is definitely a luxury that my near empty pocket will never approve. Or perhaps, should I give up the next 10 facial treatments in exchange for a 4-week of indulgence?

After the presentation and prize giving, we were treated with a buffet lunch before capturing the lovely afternoon into memories with a group photo. Thanks again, CuSkin, for the enjoyable afternoon and wonderful gift!

And a million of thanks to each and everyone of you who has cast your vote and gathered your contacts to do the same.

For more information about CuSkin, please visit: or find them on facebook: For CuSkin BB cream review, click here and Turnaround Skin Renewer review,  here

Photo credit: CuSkin


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