27 Jan

李国煌 Mark Lee, 梁智强 Jack Neo, 阿牛 A Niu, Afdlin Shauki, 郑秀珍 Jacelyn Tay, 黄文鸿 Huang Wenhong, 林慧玲 Rebecca Lim, 高艺 Koe Yeet
Directed By:
Lee Thean-Jeen 李天仁
Plot Outline:
Boasting an All-Star ensemble cast from both sides of the Causeway, Homecoming is a series of engaging intertwining stories revolving around family, celebration and tradition. Join us in this action packed comedy as we cross hurdle after hurdle to journey home at Chinese New Year.

Reunion Dinner….it’s once a year for a reason!!


从新家坡到吉隆坡, 一天的行程,90分钟的精彩。


故事讲诉新年除夕,在跟名厨爸爸Daniel赌气的Mindy上了赶回吉隆坡与亲友吃团圆饭的Karen Neo和她的儿子搭乘的同旅行巴士而展开了一段诙谐爆笑的旅程。


途中儿子阿明((阿牛)在车上误服安眠药、妈妈Karen Neo (梁志强)试图用风油救醒他,再来是上完大号后才发现没有纸巾,从巴士到转搭德士一路趣事连连。


虽然是笑片,剧中也不乏有温馨的桥段;例如Karen Neo在机场以中奖彩票和乘客换机票以让Mindy可以回家和爸爸团聚;在德士里帮司机Zool(Afdlin Shauki)的太太接生, 而高傲自负的名厨Daniel(李国煌)则被众员工‘炒‘后辛得餐厅经理菲菲(郑秀珍)姨妈、姑姐、叔公的相助而成功的招待当晚的贵宾。


虽然久违了的郑秀珍 没带来多大的惊喜;笑匠刘玲玲则把慈母演得太用力;但再作冯妇的梁智强;满口港腔式华语的李国煌加上喜感的阿牛,《笑著回家》好看!







Gala Premiere at Golden Village, Vivo City

我的意外收获 – my favorite DJ  江坚文



Post Party at Gallery Bar, St James Power Station

After the show, we were invited to continue the night at Gallery Bar, St James Power Station.


While waiting for the casts to join us at the party, drinks were served and the host warmed up the atmosphere and played a little question and answer game with the audience and the lucky ones have walked away with some movie goodies.


When Jack Neo, A-Niu, Rebecca Lim and Koe Yeet appeared, the crowd went all high and everybody dashed in front of the stage with cameras flashing non-stop trying to get the best shots.


With a short presentation, the team began to sing the movie soundtrack 《笑著回家》for us. After the song, Jack Neo and A-Niu lightheartedly make fun of one another and the humorous A-Niu began to ‘complain’ about his mother ‘Karen Neo’ and teased Rebecca on her singing.


Before leaving the stage, Jack Neo urged us to enjoy ourselves at this informal gathering, which we did.





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