Chinos Spa

24 Jan

When I turned up at the Chinos Spa for ‘The Imperial’  & ‘The Refreshing’ treatment at 11.00am on a weekday morning, I was surprised to find an empty the reception desk. I waited for a while before deciding to ring their telephone to get attention and indeed, a therapist came out immediately.

I was told to have a seat and hang on while she prepares for my treatment. I find it weird that there isn’t any reception or customer service staff on the front desk and there was a lack of piping and aromatherapy scent too. Nonetheless, by the time when I am done with the treatments, there were already two customer service officers sitting at the desk, the area was lightly scent and soothing piping music was also playing softly on the background.

I must salute Chino Spa for offering customers a membership programme instead of hard selling spa packages. It is undoubtedly the most pleasant and relaxing experience that I have ever encountered in spa centres and I really love that I am not being forced to sign up the so-called special prices packages after treatments. Apart from that, though the therapist has single-handedly handled all my treatments, which are: massage, putting water for my Jacuzzi Soak and facial, she was remarkably professional and ensured that I am comfortable throughout the session.

The Imperial – 120 minutes @ $258
Body Massage followed by body scrub and soak
The Refreshing – 35 minutes @ $98
An instant perk me up cleansing facial


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