Another Happy Sunday – Big Family Award

23 Jan

In the old kampong days, families used to live under one roof. Though the living condition may not be as comfortable as today, but family size was much bigger and family members were more close-knitted than today.

Nowadays, the living standard has increased and the housing condition gets better, and while ‘upgrading’ is the key word to everything, family size, on the other hand, is ‘downsizing’ at a spiral speed. Relationship between families and relatives also has get colder and more distant and nobody seems to care about one another anymore.

For that, I always count my blessing that I am married into a big family that is relatively close-knitted.  My mother-in-law has 15 children, 15 grand children and 3 great grand children and yeah! We are being awarded as ‘The Most Generations Living in Tampines’ today!

While on stage, Mr Mah Bow Tan asked my mother-in-law if we are all living together. Hey, Mr Mah, we would love to if the HDB housing permits! Would you consider proposing to house us under one roof?

Mr Mah congratulating my mother-in-law

Mother-in-law on stage with the little nieces and nephews

Appearance of Mark Lee & Suhaimi Yusof


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