Organic Essentials: LilyLolo Mineral Foundation

21 Jan

I was about to replenish my mineral foundation supply and contemplating on which brand to get when this sampling opportunity came by and I was lucky enough to grab it especially after a lovely experience trying out their LilyLolo Blusher back in December.

I am really thankful to Organic Essential for their generosity and speedy delivery. In fact I have received the retail size LilyLolo Mineral Foundation the very next day upon our emails exchanged and the shade, In the Buff Light is the perfect for my skin tone.

As I have mentioned before, mineral makeup contains no synthetic or chemical ingredients so they are suitable for everyone and is especially ideal for those with sensitive and problematic skin.

Unlike those traditional liquid foundations that tend to have strong coverage power that mask out the entire face, this loose powder mineral foundation will not cake up the skin, instead, it allows the skin to breath while smoothening the appearance of fine lines and patchiness. And since it is in a powder form, the amount and coverage is more controllable and build-able too. Using a kabuki brush to pick up the powder and lightly brush on in swirling motions, the foundation will gently covers up imperfections and allow the skin to achieve a natural, healthy and fresh-faced glow.

And for those who are worry about insufficient moisture and dehydration, I would recommend to prep your skin with a hydrating makeup base as always.

For more information on Organic Essentials products and makeup tips, click here. Or join their Facebook, here.

Why not give your loved ones the good stuff this Valentine ?


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