Happy Sunday!

17 Jan

Last Sunday was a total disaster, happily reaching the airport only to find that our flight at 1215 to Bali has been cancelled and we have been scheduled to take a later flight at 1620 instead.

Then after spending several wasted hours lagging a 12 kg luggage and a 3kg backpack hopping from T1 to T2 to T3 and finally back to T1 to check in at the designated time, the air ticket counter refused to issue me my boarding pass claiming that it is a few days short of the six months validity requirement! Though I reasoned that from January to July is within a six-month time-frame, the duty officer insisted that the immigration will not allow me to depart and suggested that I apply for an extension permit from the ICA for their issuance of boarding pass.

Since ICA is closed on Sunday, I ran all over the place seeking for an alternative solution and finally managed to talk to the duty officer over at the departure hall. After checking my passport, the officers felt that the date shouldn’t be an issue and they have no problem letting me depart so but this time around, the air officer claimed that Bali immigration’s stringent requirement. Not quite satisfied and refusing to give up without trying, I pleaded him to call his Bali’s end and get me connected with the Bali’s immigration but I was flatly refused on the pretext that it will inconveniences his colleague and the Bali immigration would reject my embarkation anyway. He has also refused my request to let me ‘try my luck’ and fly in as if I were to be deported, it will cause damages to the airline.

Nonetheless, he has ‘kindly’ offered me to pay a penalty fee and top up the air-fare if I could furnish the copy of extension and travel the next day and that’s $40 for penalty and $206 for Monday’s air ticket! However, having checked with the ICA over the phone, there isn’t any sort of extension permit and the only way to ‘extend’ the passport is to renew one. Anyway, even if there is such an extension, we will need to pay for another $246 per person for a one-way ticket and waste one night of our villa stay.

So in the end, we have to waste the air tickets, our villa stay and travel insurance  and returned home with great disappointment after a long frustrating day at the airport.


Fortunately, the world is still kind to me and I am thankful for everyone who has helped in one way or another to make my next trip possible! Thank you Gerald from Mediaplus, thank you Ava and Shahidah from AirAsia, thank you NTUC Income, thank you Vanessa from Kanishka Villa, your kind assistance and goodwill shall alway be appreciated. And also to Anna of Aria Luxury Villa for the hassle of responding to my urgent requests for the rescheduling of the airport transfers. I am grateful to your approval for only forfeiting one night of our booking.


Anyway, back to talking about my  Sunday. Indeed, today is a sharp contrast from last unfortunate one and I would really hope that the next 49  more Sundays in 2011 will be just as lovely!

Instead of the usual, ‘Mass, Lunch and Mum’s place’ routine, hubby has initiated to go for evening mass so that we could have lunch at Kuriya at Great World City before hopping over to Orchard for a little shopping!

Whew! Surprised but I am certainly glad that I do not have to idle and waste the entire day away doing nothing but just hanging there waiting for him to end his mahjong session at my in-law house that we would usually do every Sunday.

This is our second time visiting Kuriya Japanese Fine Dining for lunch and both our special weekend Bento ($52) and Beef Paper Pot ($40) were as just pleasing for eye and yummy for the mouth!

And isn’t this retro poka-dot dress ($75)  from Femex pretty? Mum used to wear a lot of poka-dot and pleats when I was young and the dress brought back childhood memories.

As for this loose top ($35), it was a tough battle to choose between black and beige. Personally I would love the black but since hubby is always criticizing me for being boring and always in black, I took the beige instead.

What else I have got for myself? A StriVectin-HC hand cream and two lovely silver handcraft sliver rings from My Vintage Jewel Box. One of them  has my name etched on it and the rings just  look good on my hubby’s lean finger.

Oh yes! Hubby did another wonderful initiative and suggested that we go jogging at the stadium. Yeah, that put me back on track to start exercising again!

Jiayou! Jiayou! Jiayou!



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