Review: CUSKIN Turnaround Skin Renewer

7 Jan

CUSKIN is said to be the best cosmeceutical corporation in Korea that develops and retails a cosmetic line for troubled skin based on clinical research and their products aim to improve actual skin condition.

In my previous post, I have mentioned that CUSKIN is developed by 40 Skincare professional Aestheticians, 20 doctors and 30 nurses back in 2001. When it hit our shore last year, the first item that I have brought was the Turnaround Skin Renewer and I would say that the product did not disappoint.

The highly concentrated cream effectively delivers moisture and nourishes my face while aiding the skin in its natural restoring and repairing process. It helps to strengthen skin lipids and promptly lock in moisture, thus skin is able to maintain its own ideal moisture level and its active agents helps to protect and regenerate cell membranes to maintain skin resilience and over time, I noticed that my face is a little more firmer, wrinkles and neck lines are less visible and my skin feels softer, smoother and more healthy looking.

Turnaround Skin Renewer

Texture: highly concentrated, easy absorption
Moisturizing Effect: Outstanding
Active Ingredients:
  • Buddleja extract : natural ingredient, repair skin problems, protect and moisturize skin.
  • Ariemisia extract : natural ingredient, positive effect against skin problems, and control skin problems
  • Arnica extract : restore, moisturize skin,  draw out dirt and impurities,  even out decoloration.
  • Hissop extract : protect skin, reduce skin problems and even out decoloration.
  • EGF peptide : strengthen skin lipids.
  • Ceramide B : Ideal moisture level, protect skin from environmental stress
  • Hyaruronic acid : long lasting hydration, natural protective barrier, keep in moisture
  • Green tea extract : Poly-catechin helps protect skin from UV radiation.
  • White tea extract : Poly-catechin restores skin balance.
  • Licorice extract : soothes skin problems and soften skin’s texture. Effective in treating skin
  • Tocopherol : powerful Anti-oxidation. Helps slow down the aging process.

Verdict: A great anti-aging and moisturizing cream that delivers
Price: S$69 for 50ml


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