Organic Essentials: Candy Girl Pink Blusher

29 Dec

Thank you Organic Essentials for this lovely Candy Girl Pink Blusher.

I came across Mineral makeup quite by chance at a medical clinic that I seek aesthetical treatment (read: Botox and IPL) several years ago. Back then, the variety and color that Mineral Makeup could offer was pretty such limited but I realized that Mineral Makeup is a much better choice for my ultra-sensitive skin.


Mineral Makeup is harsh chemicals free so it will not trigger an allergy reaction and it contains a key ingredient: zince oxide that is purposely a good antibacterial agent that aids in healing of inflammations too. Unlike conventional liquid foundation that tends to mask up the face, Mineral foundation being in loose powder form, offers a much natural look with sufficient coverage to provide an illusion of flawless skin.


Okay, back to this lovely Candy Girl Pink Blusher.


When comes to makeup, I am seldom adventurous and I usually stick to the subtle coral tone as I reckon that it is more relevant to my age.  I was initially quite worried that I will make a clown out of myself wearing such a bright pink but fortunately, the pigment of this blusher is not as intense as I have anticipated. In fact, the color builds up slowly as I swirl it onto my cheeks and it gives my face a nice, soft pearly glow that stays throughout the day!





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