26 Dec

I am not sure how are our local mails being handled and who is to blame for the frequent lost mails, mis-delivered letters and damaged items over the past year. While I do understand that human errors do happens and sometimes, unavoidable, but it is frustrating to experience such incidents on a regular basis. Missing mails not only leave me in distraught, I especially fear that the lost P&C documents could fall in the wrong hands.


Despite the several calls, emails exchange and even a Post Inspector house visit later, I am still pathetically going around knocking on my neighbours’ doors on the pretext of returning them their mis-delivered letters while checking if they have also accidentally received mine in their mailbox every other week. As just I have resigned to fate for having a careless post lady serving our block and resolved to using the courier service whenever it possible, this little plastic bag came as a surprise.


Even though it was being used to re-package the letter that they have damaged while handling but I am impressed. At least, it showed that SingPost is putting in effort and I salute to that. Great job!



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