16 Dec

When I first saw the invite to the Orac2 workshop organized by Cozycot, I was a little skeptical about it. Toothpaste formulated specially for ladies? Good marketing strategy, or so I thought. Nonetheless, I went ahead and RSVP for the workshop anyway. I am keen to know how this toothpaste is different from the usual unisex ones. And in any case, I always enjoy attending workshops and events as these are good places to pick up interesting ideas and learn a new thing or two.

The speaker conducting the workshop on 20 November 2010 was Ms Ariko Takeichi from Sunstar Inc., a typical gentle and petite Japanese lady who really knows her ware well. Apart from candidly introducing herself and sharing with us the overview of her company, she presented every product of Ora2 with great details. During the second part of the presentation, she humored us with a gigantic set of teeth before proceeding to teach us how to brush our teeth properly. It is interesting to learn about the 8020 ratio and I certainly hope I could still could retain 20 teeth by the age 80 myself.

Before ending the workshop, Ms Ariko urged us to participate in their facebook Cutest Smile Photo contest. In fact I have came across the contest days before the workshop and I was actually the first few to send in my photo in the hope to win my life 1st ever trip to Japan. But by judging at the ‘stiff competition’ with the leading contestants having hundreds of  ‘royalty ghost votes’ everyday, the ultimate winners are already pre-determined so unless you have thousands of such royal ghost buddies to go online and vote for you at the same time everyday, I’d say forget about it! I seriously regret taking part and wish I could there is a way to take my photo off from the site. And organizers, if you think such voting contests are good marketing strategy to publicize and to bring you more people, think twice. Do a little mathematics and compare the number of fans to the numbers of votes gathered.

Oops, sidetracked. Back to the Ora2 workshop, participants were presented with a goodie bag containing 2 trial size toothpaste in Natural Mint & Peach Leaf Mint flavor, a tube of stain clear polish and a toothbrush at the door.

I liked Ms Ariko’s earnestly. She highlighted that Ora2 is efficient to remove stains and it will helps the set of pearlies return to its original color but not necessary whiten the teeth and I am convinced. It prompted me to replace my usual whitening toothpaste and start using the trial toothpaste from the goodie bag that night.

Few weeks had past and while I would not say the result is astonishing but the stain clearing properties is indeed impressive. I especially love the weekly Stain Clear Polish and finally got down to pick up my own tube of regular sized Ora2 in Peach Leaf Mint from Watsons after finishing the two trial tubes. At S5.50, I find that it is reasonably priced and well worth its salt.

Ora2 - Peach Leaf Mint Toothpaste

Redeem & Win!


2 Responses to “Ora2”

  1. J c March 16, 2012 at 11:01 pm #

    Which watson’s can u buy it?

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