Sun Protection

19 Nov

Blamed it on my bad genes, I am the kind that get burnt very easily and even a short walk back to the office after lunch will me turn all red and burning. As such, I try to avoid the sun and outdoor activities at all costs.

However, now that I have undertaken the responsibility of taking my little 11-month-old niece for weekly swimming exercise, exposing to the sun become unavoidable. Though I have piled on high SPF sunscreen onto the face and religiously oiled thick sunblock on my body before every swim, but sadly, these sticky lotions are simply inadequate to protect me against the strong rays. Never mind that I have stayed in the water for most of the time and after each session, I would usually be red and then the exposed skin will become a shade darker and on worst cases, I get burnt.

Desperate to minimize these unsightly tones and uncomfortable skin peeling, I’ve been hopping from brand to brand trying to find a good protection that really works but so far, luck is not with me.

While reading the A Beauty Affair’s blog, I came across her article/contest on Banana Boat’s Sun Care and the unique AvoTriplex technology got me interested in the product. Will the Banana Boat Sun Care be the answer to my quest? I really want to know..

A Beauty Affair is currently running a contest for Banana Sun Care giveaway, those interested may click here or on the above snapshot for more details.


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