The Flaming Lips and The Raveonettes Live in Singapore

12 Nov

We have gone to Marina Bay Sands Expo Hall E to catch The Flaming Lips first ever show in Singapore on 11 November 2010.

I were murmuring on how early we were as we took the escalator down to the Hall at about 7.30pm but the sight of the snaking queues shut me up immediately. As it is free standing, those who get into the hall early will get to ‘chomp’ the best view and it is understandable that fans wanted to support their idols up close, so reluctantly we joined in the queue too.

The Dainsh alt-rock duo, The Raveonettes took the lead and rock-away the first half of the show. To be honest, it was The Flaming Lips that I was there for so I was in fact a little disappointed to find out that they will only be performing on the second half. Nonetheless, The Raveonettes were really great and apart from kicking the crowd high with their performance, I was touched that to see Sune Rose Wagner helping to the crews to clear the stage to make way for the The Flaming Lip’s next gig.

While there was a little hiccup and took quite a while to prepare the stage for The Flaming Lip’s gig, it is a performance absolutely worth waiting for. The crowd went wild with Wayne Coyne coming down to the audience in the huge balloon. The guys were very energetic and the entire show was so engaging and fun. It was very much like a huge party filled with gigantic balloons and confetti with hosts and party goers enjoying themselves immensely. With such performance, It is no wonder why they could be popular for more than two decades!

On a side track, those with bad breath, you are simply polluting the already stale air of the confined space. And those with dirty hair, could you spare the rest of us by at least tying them up before swinging and banging your head so hard. And seriously, how much do those blurry photo/videos really worth that make those photographer-wanna-bes so persistently wanting to capture the every move on stage the entire night?


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