6 Nov

We have wanted to eat all of the Putien’s top 10 most popular dishes but the two of us can’t probably finish them all so we decided to try a little each time.

We had gone to the City Square outlet without a reservation on a weekday evening and the restaurant was packed. Nonetheless, the lead caption acted fast and managed to squeeze out a table for two for us at a corner.

Among the many PUTIEN Restaurant’s signature dishes, their Drunken Cockles (S10.90) is absolutely a must order dish. What makes this cold dish so special is that the cockles are partially un-shelled and topped with a generous sprinkle of garlic, chili, spring-onions and marinated with a special sauce to remove the bloody taste.

The Deep Fried Pig’s Trotter with Pepper ($4.90/pc) is another dish that we would never miss to order every time we patronize PUTIEN. Though there is a requirement for a minimum order of two pieces per order, but a bite of this delicious delicacy will get one hooked immediately and ask for more. This crispy on the outside and melt-in-your mouth trotter is rich in collagen so to some extent, this sinfully tasty is beneficial to health too.

The Bamboo Herbal Prawn ($4.90 per serving) is uniquely prepared in a little bamboo holder containing two fresh prawns swimming in the thick, flavorful herbal soup.

As for the greens, I would highly recommend the Spinach with Salted Egg & Century Egg ($12.90). The dish contains a burst of flavors with rich supreme-stock broth covering the spinach and accompanied by bits of flavorful assorted eggs.

Though the business was brisk and bustling diners while we were there, the service was remarkably good and prompt. The dishes took a while to be served but the servers were very fast and efficient. Our tea was refilled fast, plates were changed quickly and dishes were clear as soon as we put down our chopsticks.


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