L’Oreal Paris Perfect Clean

6 Nov

Picked up this L’Oreal Paris Perfect Clean Soothing Foaming Cream Wash from Watson after being given a $2off voucher at Orchard Road last Saturday.

I am seldom picky about cleanser and as long as it cleanse well, I am okay with it. I mean, how much benefit or harm can the cleaning agent bring during that short contact on the skin? I reckon that not much so I’d usually splurge on make-up remover, cleansing milk and other stuffs but not on cleansers.

There are 4 different types for different skin:

  1. Blue – L’Oreal Paris Perfect Clean Refreshing Foaming Gel Wash. For Normal/Combination skin.
  2. White –  L’Oreal Paris Perfect Clean Purifying Foaming Gel Wash.  For Blemish Prone skin
  3. Orange – L’Oreal Paris Perfect Clean Exfoliating Foaming Gentle Scrub. For all skin types. Love this gentle scrub that leave my skin feeling smooth to the touch and getting skin ready for next pampered treatment becomes easier by using this scrub!
  4. Pink – L’Oreal Paris Perfect Clean Soothing Foaming Cream Wash. For Dry/Sensitive skin.

I’ve chosen the pink one since my skin is dry and ultra-sensitive. Anyway, what has really prompt me buy is actually the scrublet that comes with it. Set aside how good the foam really is, I simply love this little scrubet!

Thumbs up to L’Oreal’s for this lovely innovation, I find the scrubet so much more useful and practical than any messy cleansing cloth and moldy sponge!



2 Responses to “L’Oreal Paris Perfect Clean”

  1. Kristen November 7, 2010 at 11:48 pm #

    I’m loving it too! Currently still using the orange one for exfoliating 🙂

    • Life begins at 40 November 8, 2010 at 8:47 am #

      yes, I thought of buying the orange one too. It has got the nicest smell among the four 🙂

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