Ginvera Focus Group

2 Nov

It is always good to hear and to be heard. For that reason, I always enjoy attending Focus Group whereby participants could air freely their views and opinions on certain targeted products or services.

Not new to Ginvera products, I am delighted to attend their focus group on their body and hair range. But as just I thought I already knew Ginvera’s products inside out from their innovations of Marvel Gel to their popular Green Tea Shower Scrub, I was surprised to see more items under their wing.

One of which is the range of Silky Shine shampoo and conditioner and there is probably three or four types presented to us on the table. I remembered seeing those in some budget stores before but never knew it is made/marketed by Ginvera. Much as I regretted, I hope I have not offended the two lovely moderators for being crude and blunt by pointing out that I find the packaging passé and therefore, the product, very unappealing.

Likewise, I have also voiced out about the empowering smell of the otherwise, good and nourishing Royal Jelly Shower Gel but the good thing is that, they are re-creating the shower gel and I am glad that out of the two samples that we sniffed, one of fragrance variation is actually quite lovely. Let’s hope this will be the final one being selected for their production and I would definitely be returning to pamper myself with the Royal Jelly Shower Gel once again.

During the discussion, we have also shared on the Spa Range of Shower Scrub, which is my favourite and the new packaging of their Green Tea Shampoo. Well, I suppose revamping is good but being a more visualizing person, I am still very much into the old packaging whereby I can clearly see the greenie stuff inside the bottle.

At the end of the discussion, we were presented with a goodie bag of appreciation that includes one of my favourite, Apricot Shower Scrub!

  • Ginvera Shower Scrub
  • Ginvera Green Tea Shampoo
  • Silky Shine Shampoo
  • Natural Fresh Cleansing Foam
  • Ginvera Nutri-White Marvel Sachet
  • Ginvera Nutri-White Radiance Cream Sachet

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